Calix For Women Empowerment

In 2014 ,  Sumit Singh , Suresh Sahu and Shivprakash Singh came together and thought of making a more sustainable impact on the lives of rural women. CALIX aims to educate, encourage and empower the less fortunate. It started by providing unskilled women with valuable & relevant skills and a platform to apply these skills, thereby enabling them to have a sustainable source of income and providing them with a means to financial independence.

Apart from the donation activities, calix has been constantly organizing awareness activities through sessions with learned personalities  

Calix For  Youth 

Calix  have a aim to teach  a large numbers of young underprivileged children   to  Boxing , Badminton , Kabaddi , Kho- Kho,Tennis, Table Tennis and Basketball  . Our  skilled Team,  teaches children Game blended with life-skills and a unique style of team play that fosters excellence and allows children to express themselves and experience success.